"Kelly Cannone is truly a motivational speaker. Her enthusiasm and energy ignite others into action. She genuinely cares for young people and is extremely generous with her time, talent and resources."
Melissa Mastrostefano, LICSW - Counselor, Wiman Junior High School R.I.


Aspiring Dreamz
by Kelly Cannone

One of Kelly's primary interests is working with Elementary and Middle school teachers and students teaching goal setting with a program she created called "Aspiring Dreamz".

Designed by Kelly the program helps students create their life's journey using the acronym "ASPIRE". It is a wonderful program that is inspiring, easy to understand, fun, and most importantly, results based.

Attitude & Belief

Set Goals


Purchase the Aspiring Dreamz inpirational book for dancers. More books coming soon for students with general interests and one focusing on karate.

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Goal Setting For Dancers


The workshop can be held at your location anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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"Kelly Cannone's Aspiring Dreamz is truly an inspiration for both dance students and their teachers. She motivates her audience to be the best they can be and to set goals to achieve their lifetime dreams. Cannone will make you laugh, cry and think in such a positive way that you'll walk away ready to go forward with a fresh new approach to life. Catch her if you can!"
Rhee Gold
Rhee Gold has served as president of Dance Masters of New England and as national president of Dance Masters of America. He has served as a columnist on dance education for Dance Magazine. Currently Gold is a monthly columnist for "Dancer" and is the publisher of "Goldrush", a magazine read by more than 23,000 educators and dance schools in the U.S. and Canada. His Project Motivate seminars for dance school owners, dance teachers, and students promote personal and professional excellence. He founded the Rhee Gold Company in 2003 as a vehicle to expand ways in which he can offer his insights to teachers and dancers.

Aspiring Dreamz
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